THINK KIDNEYS – “Improving the care for people with acute kidney injury”

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Length : 10:52

Category: Case Studies.

Think Kidneys is the brand name for UK Renal Registry’s NHS programmes and
UK Renal Registry is part of the charitable organization called Renal Association.

Their main aim is to prevent the avoidable harm caused by acute kidney injury.

Think Kidneys’ programme of work leads to fewer preventable cases of acute kidney injury, resulting in a reduction in the number of deaths linked with acute kidney injury.

Think Kidneys’ programme drive the transformation which ultimately leads to well-informed, proactive multi-professional teams, supporting patients, carers and the public.

Think Kidneys will help patients, their carers and families, as well as the fit and well, understand their personal risk of acute kidney injury. Think Kidneys will help everyone know where to get help, support and information.

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